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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Minecraft Premium Account Generator | Minecraft Premium Account List

You can generate premium unlimited!


Minecraft Premium Account Generator

the latest version: 28 Feb 2015

Free Download Texas Holdem POKER Hack 10000000 Chips!!!

Texas HoldEm Poker (Zynga Poker) Hack Tool and Cheats

Texas HoldEm Poker Hack and Cheats Tool for Facebook is now officially released. Download Texas HoldEm Poker (Zynga Poker) Cheats and Hack Tool and get unlimited chips, casino gold, and see your opponents card with Spy Window. This is a powerful software application that give an all-out access to cheating and hacking the game on Facebook, and it’s completely Free! See your opponents cards, so you can either call, check and see if he’s just bluffing. Use it to become the best and richest Texas HoldEm Poker Facebook player ever.

Texas Holdem Poker - Hackers.University

What is Texas HoldEm Poker?

Texas HoldEm Poker also known as “Zynga Poker” is one of the world’s largest Poker game with over 35 million players worldwide. The game is available on Facebook as a browser game and on mobile phones and tablets running on Android or iOS. It can be played on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other iOS devices. Basically the game lets you play live hand of Texas Hold’em poker against millions of live players. It lets you experience Las Vegas VIP casino style right into your browser, mobile and tablet screens. It features a live in-game chat, 1 on 1 poker mode, sit and go tournament modes, and daily lottery where you can win billions of chips.

Texas Holdem Poker Hack Tool - Hackers.University

Texas HoldEm Poker Hack Tool and Cheats Features:

  • Texas HoldEm Poker Chips Hack

  • Texas HoldEm Poker Casino Gold Hack (Let’s you become an instant VIP.)

  • Texas HoldEm Poker Spy Window (Allows you to check and see your opponent cards in the game. It will help you decide whether to check or fold depending on your cards in hand. Instantly you will know whether your opponent is just bluffing.)

  • Texas HoldEm Poker Cheats

  • Auto Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password )

  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari)

  • OS : Windows (Works for Windows only. Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8) Mac OS software is currently in development.

  • Undetectable (100% GUARANTEED).

How to Use

Texas HoldEm Poker Cheat Engine Hack Tool

1. Login to your Facebook account and start playing Texas HoldEm Poker (Zynga Poker).

2. Start the Texas HoldEm Poker Hack Tool.

3. Click the Connect button. (Hack tool will auto-detect the browser if you are using either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using other web browser, use the “Browser Settings” and select your current browser from the list.)

Texas HoldEm Poker Hack - Step 1

4. Enter your desired values for the Chips and Casino Gold. Max value per request is set to 999,999,999 (near 1 Billion).

Texas HoldEm Poker Hack - Step 2

5. Click the “Hackers.University” button to start the hack.

Texas HoldEm Poker Hack - Step 3

6. Additionally you can turn on the “Texas HoldEm Poker Hack Tool” and use the “Show Table” to spy and know what cards your opponent has.

Texas HoldEm Poker Cheats - Hackers.University

7. Tutorial completed, enjoy your free chips and casino gold in game.

Jungle Heat Cheats iOS & Android Unlimited Gold Oil & Diamonds Hack

Jungle Heat Hack Add Unlimited Diamonds, Oil and Gold for Android

Jungle Heat

I belive that you are looking for Gold, Diamonds and/or Oil… I have something for you. This Jungle Heat Hack can give it all for you! This tool works well on Android devices. You don’t need to root your phone/tablet! It works without any root. To use Jungle Heat Hack you just need to follow few simple steps.

  • 1 – Connect and detect your device.

  • 2 – Choose resources that you need and type amount of them.

  • 3 – Get it!

  • 4 – Restart game.

  • 5 – Enjoy.

But how to get this awesome tool? Just click “Download Now” button – it will redirect you to Zippyshare where you can download our Jungle Heat Hack. If you have ANY questions or requests please write comment here.

  • Unlimited Gold

  • Unlimited Oil

  • Unlimited Diamonds

  • User-friendly interface

  • 100% virus safe

  • Works on all Android devices with or without ROOT


Jungle Heat Hack proof

  1. Download Jungle Heat Hack tool and open it.

  2. Choose connection type which you prefer (bluetooth or USB).

  3. Detect your device with “Detect” button.

  4. Type amount of resources that you need.

  5. Press “Get it!” button.

  6. That’s it! The process should take about one minute.

  7. Restart game – requested resources should have been added.

Updated and working as of:Saturday, 28 Feb 2015

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Latest Bitcoin Hack Tool- Free Working Hack Tested

BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

Updated and working BitCoin Generator:

images9 BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

-Do you want to increase your bitcoin wallet with some coins, and you don’t find a reliable and long term method that suits you ? Well, here at, our team of coders, have just developed a brand new tool, called the Bitcoin Generator, this tool is capable of generating a specified amount of bitcoins into your accoun wallet, just by a few clicks. The coding departement of this tool was really a pain, and it was really hard for us to keep this tool working on his specifications, but after some weeks of brainstorming we finally made it clear, and here we are with the release of the beta version of our tool. As you hear, we are releasing at first a beta version, that can be used by any user that is downloading our tool, for now we are giving up 500 beta versions, until the final release which will occur later this year. We are planning a long term journey with our bitcoin generator, so when the final version will be released we are going to charge a monthly payment subscription for our bitcoin generator. Until the official release, we are pleasing our beta testers to report us any troubles/bugs/glitches that may occur while using this tool, we are planning on fixing those unti the final release, so the bitcoin generator will be fully functional. Note that this generator will be available for free, if you are one of our beta testers in this early period.

Screen interface version 1.1 :

How does BitCoin Generator works and how those bitcoins will be available into my acocunt wallet ? It is safe to use this for my BitCoin account ?

-Well, when it comes about the mechanism of this tool, it will be a pain for us to explain you step by step every line of code that we used on this, but we won’t do that, we just gone give you some big poitns regarding our tool and what is capable of. Firstly, this BitCoin generator is performing a fully acces on BitCoin official SQL database. If you are wondering what is that place, well the SQL database is the spot where all the users informations are stored. After accesing their database, our tool is capable of changing your account info. Yes, that’s right, after accesing their SQL database we can change everything into any account of bitcoin, this thing includes Name, address and even the amount of bitcoins into your wallet.

-If you are not secure enough to try this tool, we can guarantee you 100% antiban system implemented, this tool is using his private proxy server on accessing BitCoin SQL database, so you have nothing to worry about, you can not be tracked by any means, and the generated bitcoins are permanently stored into your account, and you can use the for further actions.

BitCoin Generator Tool v2.9:

Status: Working…

Name:  BitCoin Generator Tool v2.0

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 261

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

-Get the latest version of our software BitCoin Generator Tool v2.0

Wizard101 Crown Generator Download

Hi Wizz101 players!

New Wizard101 Crown generator is finally available! After great succes of Wizard 101 Crown generator v4 and hundreds of happy clients new generator is on the market. This great tool for adding crowns is upgraded and has even more sophisticated API which helps to improve more stability and allows even more people to use this generator, and best of all its runs on all platforms.

To use this Crown generator you just need to download this hack, complete a short survey and that's it, crown generator is yours!

Screenshot of Wizard 101 Crown Generator v5:

Google Play Store Hack Download

Google Play Store Hack Free Download

This Google Play Store Hack allows you to get all games and apps in the google play store for free! Download this small, and easy hack free of cost below. We offer this Google Play Store Hack for free to keep it open to everyone.

Lots of people have requested this hack over the years. It was nearly impossible to create, which is exactly why it took us so long to release this hack. Due to this reason we are very proud to be in possession of the only working hack for the google play store.

How to get it to work:

    • Download the Google Play Store Hack for free

    • Finish the installation

    • Open your Hack and connect your ios, or Android with a USB cable. ( skip this step if using your PC!)

And those are all steps required to get the hack to work.

This light weight application will run smooth on any system or device. With the clean no nonsense interface this hack is easy to use for everyone. This hack is easy to understand and use, even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about computers or smartphones! Just download, install, plug in your device and you’re ready to go!

google play store hack

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Hack Tool

Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Hack Tool v1.82

Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Hack Tool Header
Get Free Bucks using the Jurassic Park Builder Cheats and get every other resource for free by simply buying them with the generated cash. If you want to check out further information about the Jurassic Park Builder Hack then scroll down a little and you will find useful information along with a screenshot of the hack itself and a small proof image showing the generated bucks. The Jurassic Park Builder Hack Tool is free to download and you can start your download by pressing the orange download button just below this paragraph. The Jurassic Park Builder Cheats are easy to use and we hope you enjoy not paying real money for bucks.

The Jurassic Park Builder Hack is working as of: February 11th, 2015

download Download:

Information Icon (1)Information:

  • File Name: Jurassic Park Builder Hack.exe

  • Size: 2.92 MB

  • Version: 1.82

  • Supported Operating Systems: Mac (any) / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / iFile

  • Virus scan: 0/49 – Scanned with Virustotal

  • Undetected: Yes

  • Anti-Ban Protection: Yes

  • Last Update: February 11th, 2015

screenshot Screenshot:
Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Hack Tool Screenshot

star-512 Features:

hack features Add unlimited amount of Jurassic Park Builder Bucks for Free
hack features Use the Free Bucks to buy all the other resources and in-game items and dinosaurs
hack features Working for all Updates of Jurassic Park Builder Game
hack features Supports all Android and iOS devices

proof Proof:
Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Hack Tool Proof

description About Jurassic Park Builder:

***Important update: Discover the All-New Battle Arena! Defeat All Dinosaurs and Collect 50 Gold Medals. Strengthen and Select Your Favorite Dinos to Attack, while trying to block Your Opponent’s Counter-Attack!***

*** Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park!***
Based on the ground breaking film franchise “Jurassic Park,” experience your own thrilling interactive journey on the mysterious Isla Nublar!

Build your Jurassic Park from A to Z, on land and out at sea! You are the first owner of the park: grow various dinosaur species once you’ve extracted their DNA from amber fragments. Then, transform this DNA with your friends’ help. Put your dinosaurs in your land, aquatic or glacial park then help them develop to full adult size. Depending on the diet for each species, dinosaurs will need plants, meat, fish or seafood to grow. Make sure you always have enough food by monitoring the supply arrivals at the harbor. Finally, develop tourist activities by building roads so that visitors can come to your parks and explore your beautiful creations.

To entertain your guests and collect more funds, you will have to be creative and decorate your parks and build various attractions and buildings such as amusement centers, hotels, restaurants, and security offices. ‘Code Red’ mode allows you to maximize your gains further and also prevent the dinosaurs from escaping and wreaking havoc on the island. But to access that mode, you’ll have to grow at least 5 carnivores!

In order to build your own aquatic park and discover new species, you will have to reach level 10!

In order to build your own glacier park and discover new species, you will have to reach level 20!

Along the way, you’ll encounter familiar characters from the Jurassic Park movies such as, Dr. Ian Malcolm, or John Hammond, who will help you advance in your journey by giving you missions to fulfill.

Jurassic Park Builder features:
• 34 different dinosaur species to collect & grow.
• 30 different sea creature species to collect & grow.
• 30 dinosaur species from the Glacial era to discover and develop, including the famous woolly Mammoth.
• Live multi-player gameplay with Facebook friends and other Jurassic Park fans
• Built-in social features (ability to visit, help and gift friends).
• Stunning visual & audio effects with 3-D animations.

Begin your wonderful adventure and start building!

By installing this application you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements.

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park Builder? Like us on Facebook for daily giveaways and support!

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